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chris wolfe antique shop frederick md

Chris Wolfe Antique Shop Frederick Maryland

Cell: 240-575-4989

Christmas in Mexico. Julianna on the right.

Julianna Wolfe Owner of Chris Wolfe Antiques. Ive been living in America now for 2 years from South Africa where I previously designed clothing and furniture, however it was while I was here that I found my love for antiques. With my international flare for Design it enhances my ability to discover unique Antiques. I am complimented by my husbands 40 years in the Antique Business.

Located in Downtown Frederick Maryland

900 East Patrick Street

Unit 5A, Frederick , MD 21701

Send email jw1sa@aol.com

Cell: 240-575-4989

Fax: 301-696-0641

antiques frederick md


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